I’m turning into Mr. Grumpy!

The older I get the grumpier I become. I’m sorry but I can’t help it, It’s the genes in me and all because I ventured out for a bit of shopping. Thankfully, it’s not an everyday experience as I am a man of habit and I usually buy the same things from the same shops. If I get good service I nearly always return as I like to buy things from people who try their best to do their best.

Nothing winds me up more than poor service. For some reason I lose my normal cherub like demeanor although I try to be good, honest! Most shop assistants are kind and keen but those who are not deserve me at my most grumpiest. These people are nearly as bad as those who call themselves experts but don’t have a bloody clue. I know being a shop assistant can be a shitty job but if you are paid to do it then please do it well. Of course, some customers will test even the best, especially when there is a sale on, but a smile costs nothing.

Take this week. I hit Currys to buy a TV. The lovely Panasonic in my living room has finally given up after a decade of wonderful service. So, off we went to find a replacement. Linda refused to come with me as I can spend all day looking at things like televisions or technology, but my son Scott was sent as my rear gunner just in case I lost all sense of proportion. We thought we’d struck lucky right off the bat with the perfect television in the first 10 minutes, that was until the dreaded assistant came into view. Here was the conversation:

Hello, I asked. Do you have this television in stock?
Err. Don’t know.
Can you check then?
Err. Well do you want it?
Well, I might but I don’t want to get all excited only to find you don’t have it. That’s happened to be before.
Err. Well, no we don’t have it in stock but we can order it for you.
No thank you. I want to buy one today if possible so do you have anything similar to this one?
We just have what you can see on the wall, but there is one over here. … I follow

After reviewing the television in question I ask:
How much is a wall bracket for it?
Err. That depends.
I persevere. OK I give up go on tell me, depends on what?
Well, he said, it depends on what bracket you want?
Silence again.
Well, as I am no expert in wall brackets how about one that would to fit that television I am looking at for a flat wall.
Well, that still depends but it could be anything from £80 to £800. But I would budget for around £120 he offered.

I was now more than a little peeved. I had told him I wanted a TV TODAY, he was giving me words like… it depends and a wall bracket could be any price. He was so bloody disinterested and never smiled once. Mind you, that could be my fault. I was showing signs of having to punch the sod.

I marched out the door having decided to go somewhere else; in fact I walked into The Sony Centre. The guy was terrific, he wanted my business and was helpful and courteous. He didn’t push, he told me to come to him if I had any questions but to take as much time as I wanted. He was there when we needed him. What a pleasant change from being hit the moment you get throught the door. The bottom line is that no one ever gives money to people they don’t like! I liked this guy a lot and the product was great.

I got it home, Linda grudgingly said it was OK but the stipulation was that we can have no wires showing. Jeezus. After some research this television cannot get on the wall without help from a TV installation expert along with assistance from a painter, plaster, builder and an electrician. Whatever happened to having just a TV in the corner?

Happy New Year to all, I promise to be less grumpy in 2013, unless you are a bloody miserable shop assistant.

PS. I walked past Primark… does it always look as bad as that? Hundreds of people must have had a clothes fight as most of it was on the floor. I would NEVER go in there.

5 thoughts on “I’m turning into Mr. Grumpy!

  1. Love it John and it’s good to see you haven’t changed I am still chuckling!
    I have of course become immune to discourtesy having spent the last 14 months in London!
    I look forward to you discussing new year resolutions next then?

  2. Ha ha! Poor shop assistants! Bet its nothing to what I wne through in budget meetings :)
    I had a similar experience with Currys this week trying to buy a vacuum cleaner. Took home the wrong one! And I was £140 worse off to the make matters worse!
    It took over an hour to sort it out once I’d gone back to the store, and that was only a refund as they didn’t have the right one there (Maybe why I got the wrong one in the first place!)
    And not a smile amongst the lot of them – I was determined to be cheery as I used to work in a similar shop myself once upon a time, but not a sausage in return.
    Maybe these guys get what they deserve!

  3. My favourite clothes shop in Manchester has committed the sin of being cool and aloof to my wife when she was buying my Christmas present. Although I like their products, once I have spent my remaining credit note I will never shop there again.

  4. Hi John,
    I agree 100%, and I buy most of my stuff online now, as a result. Websites tell me what’s in stock and when I can expect it (and the brackets are really cheap online too).
    That said – when I wanted a laptop the same day for an urgent job – John Lewis provided great service. The assistant recommended a particular model, but (of course) I had to check them all out myself. My conclusion? The assistant had shown me the perfect one first time!
    Happy New Year

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